ZERO TO HERO ( From beginner to instructor level package )

Zero to Hero is the specialty course of the FIDC. Brought to the freediving community for the first time when Akim, himself, created and developed the program as the owner of Blue Immersion. Over the years, the Zero to Hero course has proven a huge success, developing some of the most qualified freediving athletes and instructors worldwide.
During the 2-month training camp you will be monitored and coached directly by Akim ADHARI. This includes personalized training routines, technique clinics, diet guidelines, and constant monitoring to make tweaks to maximize success. You will be monitored with daily, weekly, and monthly objectives; with the training, rest, and performance schedule being constantly adapted to help you reach your goals.
The Zero to Hero is more than a freediving course. You will be a member of the team!
Before the course begins you will come in for an introduction with Akim. You will meet anyone else who is currently doing a master or instructor course, get a tour of the shop, meet the staff, and we will help you get settled here in town. We can help you find long term accommodation, show you to all the best spots around town, take you to the dive
sites, and overall make sure you are settled in comfortably before the course begins.
The Zero to Hero program is designed to give you maximum success as a diver and an instructor. You will start by taking the beginner course, immediately followed by the advanced course. Once you have these certifications and this solid foundation, you will begin the Master Course. This begins with 3 days of academics and confined water, then moves into an extended training schedule, customized and adapted to you.
Your Master Course will take you through an entire month of training to shape and sharpen your freediving skills. You will be part of the training team, diving with other Master students and Akim as he does deep training. This month of training is where you will take your diving to the next level. You will learn and practice advanced techniques
such as freefall, FRC training dives, mouth-fill equalisation, and build tolerances for depth, pressure, low O2 levels (hypoxia) and high CO2 levels (hypercapnia). You will practice all major disciplines of freediving (FIM, CWT, CNF, STA, DYN, DYNF) and, very importantly, you will learn how to train for these disciplines, so you can continue your freediving training for life.


Upon first glance, this program may look like a fast track to getting a certification and moving on as an instructor. However, there are some major differences and benefits to this fully immersive Zero to Hero way of learning. First, you are constantly practicing the skills you’ve learned and building upon them every day. This is majorly beneficial compared to the way many students do it, taking courses here and there with gaps in dive training, because you are taking the time needed to build a solid foundation that will serve you for your entire diving future. Also, by taking the courses all in a series, you will better be able to retain the information and understand it in practice. This in turn will give you a greater understanding of the big picture of learning to freediving, making you much more effective instructor.
The purpose of the Zero to Hero program is to prepare you to become the best instructor you can be, in the very near future. In the program you will live freediving, seeing the process all the way from being a beginner student yourself, progressing through courses, learning how to instruct, and then assisting other instructors until you feel ready to take on students of your own. By developing your diving skills at the same time as you learn the entire curriculum from beginner through instructor, you will have an unmatched understanding as to what it means to learn to freedive. The deep understanding of freediving that is gained in the Zero to Hero program is what makes this so powerful, and countless top-tier instructors around the world are the proof.
To have a better idea if you had to go trough the normal process to become instructor that would be approximately the cost :
  • Beginner course: 250 euros
  • Advance course: 350 euros
  • Master course  (2 Months) : 1250 euros
  • EFR course : 300 euros
  • EFR Instructor course: 800 euros
  • Instructor course : 1250 euros
  • Business development course: 500 euros

Normal Price : 4200 euros