MASTER FREEDIVER ( 3 days or 1 month) unlimited depth

The Freediving master course is the Training reference of the FIDC. The course last for a minimum 3 weeks with a possibility to keep extending depending of the progress and motivation of the student.
Completely immerse yourself in freediving as you spend a month learning, training, and mastering your skills. This course is designed to help you reach your goals. You will start by meeting with Akim to go over your short and long term goals and come up with a plan to help you get there. This month-long course is structured around open-water training sessions, confined water trainings, dry workouts, theory/academic sessions, and performance diving days.
As you progress through the month you will work on various advanced skills and techniques. With personalized goals and daily attention, Akim will tailor the training to your needs, so you can achieve maximum results. Not only will you cover the information of the level three freediving course but you will get the insider experience as a Akim, a champion diver, gives you tips on dieting for performance, over coming mental barriers, and overall HOW to train yourself for long term success.
This Master Course has helped many students launch their professional freediving careers and become championship level divers. By follow an entire month of regimented diving, resting, and training schedules, students experience massive growth during their Master Course. No matter wha your goals are, this course can be tailored around you to help you get where you want to go. Come experience the ultimate month of training, as you truly immerse yourself in freediving with the Master Course.