The FIDC is the only Professional freediving center that provide a training for those who wants to start a freediving business such a freediving centre, be an independent freediving instructor, start freediving courses in your existing scuba centre or water sport activity.

You need to make sure you have a business idea that is more likely to be going to WORK and not just take away months of your life and in a frustrating failure and waist of money invested. Any talented freediver, diver or coach assume  that their passion for their sport and their reputation in the community will be enough to sustain a business. A long list of loyal friend, student and client is definitely motivating to start, but the reality is that there’s much more to running a business.

Of course most of the people are aware of the risk of starting the dream to become an independent entrepreneur because of the high factor of failure due to the lack of experience and expertise in the mater.

with the Business development course you will learn about how to run your freediving activity and generate profite from it how ever is still not a guaranty of success but the the FIDC will go with you trough a business and evaluate with you the risk of success and failure depending of your chosen location, which customer you are targeting and the prices requited in the exchange of service you are providing and potential competition.

We will be going trough different other aspect such:

  1. Management
  2. marketing
  3. equipment
  4. facility
  5. mission
  6. services
  7. customer/student target
  8. Revenue plan


2700 $  ( including the instruction of 5 instructor candidates )

*The accommodation and flight ticket are to be payed by the center or the persons requesting the training