FREEDIVER (up to 20m)

In this 2-day course you will build the skills needed to become a SAFE, confident freediver, as
you train up to 20 meters deep. The course includes classroom academics, dry practice with
review of skills, confined water training, and then open water dive sessions to put everything
you’ve learned into action!
We will focus on building the foundation for freediving. Including:
o How to dive safely and properly provide safety to your dive buddy.
o The necessary equipment for freediving and how to select your own, so you can be as
safe and comfortable as possible.
o Proper diving techniques, focusing on learning the right skills to build on as you continue
your freediving education.
o Building confidence so you can feel comfortable and safe as you continue freediving and
exploring the underwater world beyond this course.
The FREEDIVER I course will leave you feeling comfortable and safe in the water as you move
forward with your passions, whether it is exploring the reef, spearfishing, taking pictures or
continuing your freediving training!