In this 3-day course you will take your freediving training to the next level. Learning new
techniques, expanding on theory, and delving into the advanced skills needed to help get you up
to 30 meters deep. You will start with classroom academics, furthering your knowledge on the
science of freediving. You will then hit the pool to practice and refine your technique, as well
learn how to do your own training sessions. In the multiple open water sessions you will
advance your diving techniques, learn new disciplines and work on perfecting your skills as you
dive up to 30 meters deep.
The focuses of the FREEDIVER II course include:
o Advanced stretching, breathing, and equalization techniques to help you get deeper in a
safe, comfortable way.
o Training drills, both dry and in the water, so you can train with your dive buddy and
progress your diving beyond this course.
o Freefall – the amazing act of effortlessly falling through water will be a big focus of this
o Individualized attention to work on specific skills so that each student can reach their
personal goals.
o Further practice of safety procedures, so you can be a safe member of the freediving community both for yourself and your future dive buddies.
The FREEDIVER II course is where you’ll take your skills to the next level, reach new depths, and most importantly – learn proper techniques and how to train yourself, so you can safely continue your freediving journey.