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#70 – Akim Ladhari | Deep Hunter – The Freedive Cafe

In this episode we discuss: Akim is in Bali at the time of the recording. An early start in martial arts. His family is originally from Tunisia, where he started with freediving. Akim hit 100m after 6 months in Dahab!! Big problems with lung-squeeze in the beginning and what he did about it.


Akim Ladhari | PADI AmbassaDivers

Born in France and raised in Paris, Akim Ladhari found his passion for diving along the Tunisian coast, where he spent his holidays near the sea. He studied sports and science, and competed in judo and jujitsu, which later took him to Asia where he became a professional Thai boxer for four years.


Akim Adhari – Blog, Freediving & Coaching – Timo Niessner

„Du kannst Angst nicht bekämpfen, sie ist ein Teil von dir” Akim Adhari (30) ist als Kind tunesischer Einwanderer im Süden von Paris aufgewachsen. Während dieser Zeit verbrachte er jedes Jahr 3 Monate an der tunesischen Küste, dem Ort aus dem seine Eltern stammen. Sein Großvater ließ in von klein auf mit auf dem Bauernhof arbeiten.


Breathless in the Maldives – PADI Pros

Akim Adhari is one of the few people who has dived to over 100m. HOLDING HIS BREATHE! Let’s face it, a 100m dive is still a huge achievement on scuba, but doing it as a constant weight freedive is very rare! In fact Akim has been challenging himself to push his physical limits since he …


Freediving with AmbassaDiver Akim Adhari

My name is Akim Ladhari, I am French and grew up in the south of Paris. However, I used to spend about three months each year visiting where my parents are from on the coast of Tunisia. I have spent most of my life around the sports industry.