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FIDC under the direct directive of Akim ADHARI is  dedicated and specialised in the freediving professional level from master course to all the professional or semi Professional level including freediving competition training. Akim ADHARI is one of the world most experimented instructor trainer and freediver. From a back ground of sport and science education, Akim started spearfishing when he was 6 years old with his family who are professional spear fisherman in Mediterranean sea. The founder of Blue immersion Thailand who during its ownership was the world leader in freediving education and instructor training, and the first to have brought the Zero to Hero concept into the freediving education, through it Akim has trained more than four hundreds freediving  instructors some of the world elite instructors and coach, national record holders and world record holders. The approach is based on  on his years as a  professional athlete and sport and science education focusing on the art of coaching and the pedagogy of teaching to take the training of the candidate to a higher level than the traditional instructor training program. the goal is to guaranty for the new instructors to be fully confident and ready to teach any level and coach freedivers of any level but not only have a clear understanding of the freediving industry and a strong guideline to start a freediving center or a career. If becoming a freediving professional either as an instructor or athlete and want to be fully active and confident once your diploma in hand this program is for you !